Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to Make Money with AdSense

I made money blogging yesterday! Shutthefrontdoor. But don’t be jealous.

But first, some info...

I know that like in all business, you never make any real money working for someone else on the Internet. I have tried and will continue to try all hundred and fifty bazillion ways there are to bring in a little cash, God knows I need it, but my fantasy life goes like this:

Dear horrible person that I work for,

Shove it. I am making enough money on my websites to tell you to shove it right to your face because you really are a dumbass. Seriously, seriously, not smart.

See you in hell,


Followed by...

Dear babysitter,

While you have done a perfectly sufficient job at watching my child to this point, you are no Mensa candidate yourself. I’ll take it from here.

See you in never,


And some more info...

Do you guys read Dooce? Do you guys know that the estimated earnings from her blog in 2009 were $50000 a month?! We all know there is only one Dooce and I am not even trying to be her. And she has lots of readers. And I don’t. Yet. But the point of this story is that the number one source of revenue on her blog are the Pay-per-Click ads that run down the sides. You read, you see something interesting over there, you click, she makes $0.25.

Lots of moms blog, but not lots of us monetize. And if you write something that is aimed at your friends and family, you may have no desire to cash in on it. I certainly have some family members who write deeply personal blogs that are not an appropriate venue for advertisement. Its not for everyone.

But if you blog to reach a larger audience, why not monetize? Its great to make money on something you were going to do anyway. That’s why my dream job (right below no job at all) is margarita drinker.

Monetizing on blogger is easier than actually blogging. There’s a tab that says monetize! You’re set up with a Google AdSense account. Google does all the work. I don’t even know what I’m doing and I did it. Google pays out monthly once your account hits $10.00.

If you have a wordpress blog that you’d like to add AdSense to, see here --->click me!

So yesterday I made $.01 blogging. It might not sound exciting to everyone, but for me it was like the dollar bill in a frame behind the cash register. I was ridiculously excited. I didn’t even pretend to be asleep when my husband started rubbing my back last night. I made money blogging.

Anybody have a blogging for dollars story to share with me?

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