Friday, July 23, 2010

Becoming a ChaCha Guide - My Review

One of my many on-going plans to make extra money online is by becoming an Guide on ChaCha. For anyone unfamiliar with ChaCha, its a mobile search engine. You can text them a question, a real person texts you back an answer. I would be the aforementioned real person.

I did some research before I got start and found that lots of moms seemed to be making a couple hundred bucks a week or so, which would be a score for me at this point. I went to to check it out.

If you’re interested in doing this, you’ll need a reasonably fast computer, high speed Internet, and Mozilla Firefox. Check, check, and check. So off I went to I clicked the Become a Guide link and voila! I’m lead to a page that says “Wanted:Clever Moms” - sign me up!

I fill out the requested info - name, addy, email, W-9 info, the usual. Then there a short video on the history of ChaCha. Take a short quiz (I passed) and you are through the first hurdle. I was accepted into Expeditor training school and on my way to earning some cash. Expeditor training consist of several short videos plus quizzes. Its all pretty simple. As a final test, I logged into the ChaCha employee site and try my hand at some simulated questions.

As a ChaCha Expeditor I make $0.02 or $0.03 a question, depending on how productive I am that month. Its pretty easy to whip through the questions. I average about $3 or $4 an hour. Its not a lot, but its really a pretty fun job (and that’s more than I get paid for sitting on facebook). They pay you on a debit card from First Internet Bank of Indiana. They do have a cool Pay Me Now feature.

The best thing about ChaCha is that you can work whenever you want. They send email notifications during high traffic times, but you can log in and work whenever its convenient for you!

My opinion, ChaCha is a legit opportunity to earn a little extra money. Not enough for me to quit my full-time gig, of course. But it will pay for a couple of margaritas a month. If you’re sitting on your laptop doing nothing anyway, try becoming a ChaCha guide.

Have you tried being a Guide at Cha Cha? How did it go?

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