Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ToneaDay - I take it all back

Last week I wrote about toneday.  A site that allows you to rate random phrases for the emotional response that they illicit.  At the time I mentioned that I was unsure about the payout and the details they provided were vague at best.

To qualify at toneaday you first have work your way through some established words and phrases.  At the end your work is reviewed and $5.00 is credited to your account.  I reviews 245 words and phrases, saw my $5.00 balance and am awaiting a verdict on whether I am emotionally intelligent enough for a promotion to the next level (highly doubtful). 

I logged into my account this morning since it had been a few days since I'd finished my qualifying.  Now there's only $2.00 in my account and I am required to give 20% to charity (Red Cross or KIVA).  So basically I earned $0.007 per phrase.  Not quite as advertised.

I'll keep you updated but right now I'm giving toneaday a less than positive review.


  1. I am currently "working" for them as a word/phrase rater. It tells you in the sign up agreement that they require you to donate a % of your earnings to charity. If you would have read the terms and agreement with dilligence and comprehension you would have known this and not been surprised and feel cheated or scammed?

  2. Tracy,

    I was well aware of toneaday's charity requirement. What I was unaware of was the fact that, though there is five dollars in my account, they will only pay me two of them. 60% of my "earnings" are permanently unavailable. The payout terms are not clearly outlined in the terms.
    Perhaps you've been successful where I have not due to your clearly expansive vocabulary. Or maybe you work for Lymbix? Good luck to you Tracy.

  3. Hey, EB,
    I'm not sure what happened with your payment, but I've done ratings for them too. I didn't have an issue...
    The only thing I can think is:
    They gave me the first $2 right away. Then I had to rate enough to meet the first "level" of $30. Once I reached that level, I got the $27 (minus charity) within a week.
    My guess is that to get the rest of the $5, just keep going until you get up to $30.
    By the way, they're changing the pay schedule to be once a month anyway...
    Have you gotten in contact with the management? I've found them to be responsive.
    And, no, I'm not on the regular payroll.
    All the best. :)

  4. Unfortunately Toneaday has changed. Now you work for free in hopes of winning a weekly prize.