Sunday, July 25, 2010

Surveys I Heart - Opinion Outpost

Surveys I Heart - Opinion Outpost

This is my love letter to Opinion Outpost. Taking surveys online is a well-known way to make some extra money. There are literally hundreds of sites to sign up for. I’ll provide a full review later but let me just sum it up for you here. I love Opinion Outpost.

If you’ve never tried an online survey before, the low-down is as follows: sign up for site, enter some basic demographic info, get surveys sent to you by email. Most sites reward you with points. The points per survey varies. Points equal cash. After you’ve accumulated some minimum number of points, you request your pay out. Super simple.

Write this down ---> get a separate email address for your survey memberships. You’ll thank me.

I love Opinion Outpost because they send me about 8-10 surveys a week. About 1/3 of the time I qualify. The surveys usually take about 20 minutes and the payout is usually about 30-50 points. At Opinion Outpost, 50 points equals $5 dollars, which is the minimum payout.

They pay by check. Mine always arrives much more quickly than advertised.

When you are not selected for a survey, Opinion Outpost gives you three options. You can make a small donation a charity of choice, enter to win a weekly cash prize, or spin the wheel for $50. I actually won the $50 once. I literally jumped from my seat with joy.

If you’d like to make some online survey money, try Opinion Outpost!

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